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Programme Director

The Programme Director develops and delivers world class accelerators and corporate internal incubators at Dogpatch Labs.

Our accelerator model focuses on creating win-win situations between startups and corporates. Our corporate internal incubator focuses on creating a culture of intrapreneurship and rapidly advancing ideas to become investor-ready. The ideal candidate has a mix of both startup and corporate experience.


Programmes at Dogpatch Labs

At Dogpatch Labs, we’re constantly striving for global best practice. Our programmes have been shaped by some top people in the industry including; Jon Bradford ‘Godfather of European Accelerators (former MD Techstars Europe, VC Motive Partners) and Entrepreneurs in Residence like Brian Norton (Co-Founder FutureFinance, raised €212m) and Brett Meyers (Co-Founder Currency Fair, raised €25m). Our founder, Patrick Walsh, has been involved in Series-A companies and top accelerators.

In the upcoming cycle, the focus is to work with Alltech on an ‘agtech’ accelerator and incubator. Founded by the billionaire entrepreneur and innovator, the late Dr. Pearse Lyons, Alltech is considered a world leader in animal health and nutrition. The role offers a unique opportunity to closely work with Alltech’s senior leadership including Aidan Connolly (one of the most visible CIOs in ag-industry and Harvard Advisory Board), Dr. Mark Lyons (President) & Ann Kehoe (Global Head of Brand) 

To date, the accelerator has attracted some of the top startups from across the world: 6 of the 10 agtech startups in the first year of the accelerator were listed in the CB Insights Top 100 Agtech startups. Agriculture is one of the least digitized sectors but last year was the second fastest growing sub-sector in early stage investing and so the opportunities in the coming years are significant.

About Dogpatch Labs

Dogpatch Labs is one of Europe’s leading tech community hubs fostering entrepreneurship for startups, facilitating technology innovation for all sizes of companies and nurturing transformative social enterprises. Alumni include many of Ireland’s fastest growing tech companies including Intercom (>$1Bn valuation) and is the global headquarters for CoderDojo, the volunteer-led movement of free computer programming clubs. Dogpatch Labs was awarded the Google for Entrepreneurs Global Citizenship Award in 2017 and was recently visited by Duke & Duchess of Sussex.



Develop and deliver a world class corporate incubator programme to accelerate internal ideas.

  • Programme design refinement & execution to meet the needs of the corporate.
  • Manage relationship with partner & teams to ensure both are achieving maximum value from the programme.
  • Accountability on all Programme Deliverables.
  • Assist corporate partner in shaping the projects & recruiting the internal teams to get them ‘incubator ready’.
  • Provide strategic week-to-week mentoring for internal teams across a broad range of subject matters.
  • Working closely with Dogpatch Managing Director, Programme Manager & Associate.


Develop and deliver a world class agtech accelerator.

  • Programme design refinement & execution to meet the needs of the corporate and startups.
  • Define & execute on recruitment strategy and selection of startups.
  • Accountability on all Programme Deliverables.
  • Provide strategic week-to-week mentoring for internal teams across a broad range of subject matters.
  • Working closely with Dogpatch Managing Director, Programme Manager & Associate.

Who You Are


  • You are the founder or have senior leadership experience in a high-growth startup. Preferably you also have experience running a startup engagement programme.
  • 8+ years work experience is the preference.
  • The ideal candidate will have a strong working knowledge of the tech / startup world, and you’re the kind of person that would happily spend a weekend at a hackathon, reading a startup book or are naturally drawn to reading articles about the latest developments in innovation and technology.


  • You’re passionate about the potential for platforms to enable entrepreneurship, startups and new technologies to make a positive impact on companies, the economy and society, and are excited about playing a role in accelerating the Irish startup ecosystem.
  • You are interested in how innovation is driven in large established organisations, and how this can be facilitated to create win win scenarios with startups.

Character & Mindset

  • Hardworking & dependable - you’re dependable, consistent and strong in planning, priority setting and execution. You’re a team player flexible around job responsibilities and willing to jump in and help where needed.
  • Productive & efficient - you’re self-motivated, independently driven and thrive in dynamic and fast-paced environments. You’re always looking to improve your productivity by learning new tools and methods.
  • Strong presence & leadership capability - you have a strong presence and the ability to act effectively as a brand ambassador. You have the confidence and ability to push back on demands, ideally with a proven record of leadership in a work setting and/or through extracurricular activities.
  • Growth mindset - you’re ambitious and excited about working in a challenging, fast paced and dynamic environment, with a constant curiosity and a desire to learn new things. You’re prepared to highlight if and when you need help.
  • Analytical mindset - you’re a strategic thinker with the ability to synthesize research and ideas into meaningful and powerful presentations, and possess dynamic problem solving skills. You ask, or learn to ask the right questions.
  • Strong team orientation - you embrace teamwork and enjoy fostering a collaborative and positive environment.


  • Generalist with strong commercial acumen - you are able and willing to work on a variety of tasks. You understand the commercial reality of business, and are able to shape offerings and strategies that fit with given constraints.
  • Communication & marketing skills - you have strong interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to effectively communicate to a variety of audiences, from the CEO level down. You are skilled at translating complex ideas and concepts into high quality decks and presentations for a variety of audiences.
  • Presentation & public speaking - you have a persuasive presence and are able to adjust your communication style depending on the audience and context. You are comfortable speaking in front of 100+ people.
  • Team Communication & Management - you’re a strong team player and excel in leveraging the skills and resources of multiple team members to delivering projects on time and to a high standard.
  • Organisation & Project Management - You’re a great organiser with strong ability to multi-task to meet deadlines. You know how to manage projects effectively and engage people to meet milestones.
  • Technology - ability to use modern technology platforms, and learn quickly (Trello, Slack, Google Docs & Slides etc).


  • The role is a full-time role based at our offices in the CHQ Building, Custom House Quay, Dublin 1, Ireland.